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L’école aims to help children become bilingual using a combination of proven academic methods, such as social and cultural activities. L’école provides a unique learning environment where children are able to explore their world through the French language. By offering the highest level of French teaching to children of all nationalities and social backgrounds, we create an environment that fosters equal opportunities, the love of learning and mastery of a foreign language, ultimately aiming at reducing inequalities through education, and laying down the foundation for lifelong global awareness.  


L’école aims to become a local leader in French language teaching programs for all, and also as an all-day bilingual school.

Core values

L’école prides itself on its values of transparency, accountability, and dedication to the dissemination of learning to all, regardless of social background or national origin. Being a niche organization, we demand the best from our teachers and our stakeholders to ensure an equal opportunity, creative and fun learning environment.​

Core values list

L’école offers the highest quality full French-American learning and an unparalleled French & international cultural experience in all the Carolinas.

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