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Summer Camp

Preschoolers dive into the French culture and summer fun during our camps. Camps are taught by native French teachers following the model of our preschool. Each week has a different theme used as the center of instructions and activities. Our campers enjoy the variety it offers. They get to explore the French language, arts, cooking, and games through different perspectives. 

June 17 to 21 – Welcome Summer / Mini Med

Mini Med - Our med students will learn what doctors, vets, nurses, dentists, and other health professionals do daily. They will be making their own medical kit, using stuffed animal patients and dolls to take temperatures, and blood pressure readings, give injections, and stitches, put a cast on, and even… operate!

June 24 to 28 – Pirates

Hop aboard, matey! Prepare to dive into the thrilling world of pirates with songs, crafts, and games. Together, we'll chart the seas in search of Blackbeard's legendary treasure, so grab your shovels and let's set sail!

July 1 to 3 – Fun and Fitness

Fun and Fitness Camp is designed for energetic youngsters looking to have a blast while staying active. From exciting sports and team games to creative fitness challenges, we've got a dynamic lineup to keep everyone moving. Campers will enjoy a mix of fun activities that promote physical well-being, teamwork, and a love for an active lifestyle.

July 8 to July 12 – Creative Campers

What better way to discover the joys of camping than during a summer camp? Discover nature and live life like a young adventurer. It’s every camper’s dream! To succeed in this adventure, campers will have to learn to decode the mysteries of nature and learn all about its secrets.

July 15 to July 19 – Wildlife and Jungle

Our exciting destination is Kingakati Park in Kinshasa, Congo! Prepare yourself for a safari where you'll have the chance to encounter a variety of wildlife. But this camp isn't exploration – it's also about unleashing your creativity. Engage in painting and other art activities, drawing inspiration from the discoveries you make during this safari experience.

July 22 to July 26 – Rock Art

Campers will explore the artistic possibilities of rocks, transforming them into unique masterpieces. From painting vibrant designs to crafting 3D sculptures, this camp offers a hands-on experience that blends artistry with the beauty of nature.

July 29 to August 2 – The Olympic Games

Campers will explore sports, learn about Olympic history, and embrace the global excitement. As we anticipate the upcoming Games in France, our camp becomes a hub of athletic fun, teamwork, and the Olympic spirit.

August 5 to August 9 – Animal Planet

Wild and educational experience where campers will enjoy a week of hands-on activities, games, and adventures, immersing themselves in the wonders of the animal kingdom.

August 12 to August 16 – Fables de la Fontaine

Welcome to Fables de la Fontaine Camp, where classic tales come alive! Join us for a week of imaginative play, creative activities, and the timeless wisdom of Jean de La Fontaine's fables.

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