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Advantages of a Second Language

Our curriculum is based on the internationally recognized program created by the French Ministry of Education, while also incorporating the best of U.S. teaching styles. We emphasize project-based learning, creative thinking, problem-solving, and social and emotional learning. 

The curriculum is designed to address the common core standards for both the French and North Carolina school systems, allowing students to transition into an English program for middle school.

Graduates from French American Programs have historically transitioned to the most elite Jr. High and High schools and followed on to pursue college degrees from top Universities across the US and Europe.

In the French system, early childhood and elementary years are divided into three cycles or related areas of developmental learning and skills grouped by grade.

Cycle 1: Preschool (Maternelle) including Kindergarten

Cycle 2: 1st - 3rd grades (CP, CE1, CE2)

Cycle 3: 4th – 5th Grades (CM1, CM2)

At L'école we do keep the Kindergarten in the Cycle 1 stage of learning ( the students learn all the basic skills needed to succed in elementary school), in order to follow the French Education System.

But, in order to adapt to our American context, our kindergarten is located in the elementary side of the school and the kindergarten teachers plan with the elementary teachers. 


At L'école, starting in kindergarten, the students have a French teacher and an English teacher. The two teachers devote several hours per month to work together to coordinate lesson plans, collaborate on projects and communicate on each student’s growth. The two teachers also spend time together in the classroom each week to build connections between the languages and for social-emotional learning. Teachers differentiate theirnlesson plans for each student, meeting them where they are in their language development in both French and English. Students are fully supported in this immersive environment. 


Our Approach

We believe that social and emotional learning is an integral part of early childhood and elementary education. We train all of our staff in the positive discipline model of conflict resolution and classroom management. From preschool on, teachers integrate positive discipline methods into their daily class interactions, including weekly class meetings.

We use the research-based Second Step Program from preschool to 5th grade to give our students the tools they need to succeed in the classroom and throughout their lives. Learn more about Second Step approach. 

We offer small class sizes to foster a personalized and child-centered approach to education, where we can adapt to students’ needs and learning styles.

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