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Newsletter - April 2023

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

It’s all buzzing and hopping at school!

Our little critters are busy preparing the fair and the art exhibition on the theme of the tree. What surprises they are preparing for you to feast your eyes on! We are imagining, inventing, creating, trying, expressing ourselves, and above all having fun! The student’s hands are full of paint, and sometimes their faces too; they cut, glue, interact and laugh. There is a lot of excitement in the air to finish in time and impress the parents. It’s so exciting! As the end of the year approaches, little heads continue to be filled with French, English, math, world discovery, science, and physical education. Knowledge is growing and skills are being reinforced. There is no shortage of work at the school!

If the little ones are busy, the adults are also involved. The parents rolled up their sleeves to beautify the playground. They put their hearts into the work by wielding rakes and hoes! Here is the result: a flowered and beautified yard! And since there is always a good reason to celebrate French culture, to enjoy cheese and other national specialties, everyone was invited to use the language of Molière during the big dictation on the last Saturday of April organized at school. But rest assured, the return to the school desk was done with pleasure and general enthusiasm! The “big” students were almost disciplined, and the good words were not only on their papers… So, see you soon for the rest of the festivities because for sure, a good mood and a zest for life joy of living well defines our school.

Upcoming dates:

May 18th: Preschool and Elementary Field Trips

May 20th: Kermesse and Art Exhibit (School Fair)

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