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Newsletter - May 2023

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Here we are!

What an incredible year we’ve had together! Lots of smiles, lots of fun, lots of projects, lots of progress, lots of learning, lots of discoveries, and adventures! Month by month,

step by step, our students have grown and learned, and are ending this year with full minds and full hearts. We’ve certainly been busy and hard at work. And to finish on a high note, we celebrated the end of the year with our annual Kermesse. What a wonderful day it was! Even the long-awaited sun finally came out! The parents organized a whole host of activities in the playground, from an inflatable bouncy castle to fishing games and face painting. The After-school students also took part in the festivities, with a prize-giving ceremony to reward them. Inside, the hallways were decorated with the students ‘artwork for our tree-themed art exhibition. It’s fair to say that the parents were impressed by the children’s talent. At the end of the tour, it was time to enter the secret room… Equipped with a flashlight, young and old were able to awaken all their senses as they discovered our tree of knowledge, whose branches had been created by each of the school’s classes to represent science, mathematics, art, languages, geography, the four seasons, geometry, and music. To conclude the visit and celebrate the efforts of all our students, they sang songs, danced, recited poems, and performed in a play before the delighted eyes of families and teachers. The day was a real success, and everyone left enchanted. It’s never easy to say goodbye, but here we are… The summer vacation is approaching, and it is well deserved. We’d like to end by warmly expressing our thanks to all those who have helped our children grow and become better students, and of course to all those who have supported l’École throughout the year. Happy summer break to all and will see you soon!

The elementary students had the chance to discover a preview of Sophie Adriansen’s book entitled Fort comme un arbre (As strong as a tree). A best-selling author in France and a member of the Société des gens de lettres, Sophie has published some 60 books in general literature and children’s literature. At the end of two virtual sessions (on a big screen!), our aspiring writers came up with an imaginative poem that we’ll let you discover here.

I’m a tree without a name With leaves as soft as sheep’s wool Changing color with each season Red, green, orange, yellow and brown.

I’m an enchanted tree I can be seen in a forest far away I hide a deep secret passage A red squirrel guards my entrance.

I’m a lung tree Taller than an enormous house My pretty flowers will give beautiful fruits To be eaten for lunch.

I’m a magic tree Grown in the United States of America Yet I speak French very well Because little children invented me!

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